Cipher System using Artificial Bees Colony Algorithm


Classical ciphers were first used hundreds of years ago. As far as security is concerned, they are no match for today’s ciphers; however, this does not mean that they are any less important to the field of cryptology. A cipher system is one for which applying encryption algorithm to plaintext produces cipher text. The weakness with this strategy is that cipher text frequency distribution is not significantly altered by the encryption process. Swarm Intelligence (SI) is an artificial intelligence technique based on the study of collective behavior in decentralized and self- organized systems. This paper uses one of swarm intelligence optimization algorithms called Artificial Bees Colony (ABC) algorithm as an intelligent cryptographic tool to enhance the security of simple cipher system. An image data are used as the seed keys for the proposed cipher system, while the ABC algorithm is used to obtain the randomness for these keys. The results are successfully tested with randomnesstests.