Identification Of Trichophyton rubrum Using Polymerase Chain Reaction


Trichophyton rubrum is an anthropophilic dermatophyte that is distributed worldwide and causes common cutaneous disease such as mycosis . Although several properties of this fungus have been investigated so far , however , a few studies were carried out in the field of molecular biology of this fungus .In the present study the application of PCR fingerprinting was performed using two primers : forward 5'TGGTCTGGCCTTGACTGACC3' and Reversed 5 ' GTAAGGATGGCTAGTTAGGGGG 3 ' for the purpose of species identification .Trichophyton rubrum isolates obtained from either human patients (5 isolates) and animals ( 5 isolates ) with dermatophytosis were prospectively isolated by cultures and identified on morphological basis at Baghdad University , Department of Dermatology , College of Medicine and College of Veterinary Medicine respectively from the period September 2010 till March 2011 .Trichophyton rubrum isolates were subjected to DNA extraction .Conventional PCR was done with Trichophyton rubrum specific primers 5 ' TGGTCTGGCCTTGACTGACC 3 ' and 5 ' GTAAGGATGGCTAGTTAGGGGG 3 ' .Six isolates were positive for DNA extraction .A single band corresponding to Trichophyton rubrum was obtained .The results of current study suggest that PCR is simple , rapid and sensitive method for diagnosis of dermatophyte infections .