The Effects of Starvation on Growth for Common Cap (Cyprinus carpio L.)


For sixty days, compensatory growth following restriction of food occurs incommon carp Cyprinus carpio. Control were fed to satiation twice a day throughout theexperiment, t1, t2 and t3 were deprived of food for one day, two days and three daysrespectively and fed to satiation twice a day. Initial, median and final weight were taken,the initial weight for treatments t1,t2,t3 and control are 5.89, 5.26, 5.21 and 6.68 gmrespectively, final weight are 8.34 , 5.88, 5.80 and 8.81 respectively ,with weight gain 2.45,0.62, 0.59 and 2.13 gm for these treatments. There were no significant differences in initialweight of fish among treatments groups. Duncan's multiple range test was used to choicethe best one, The final average weight of first treatment fish was significantly than others(P<0.05), but no differ with control treatment. Relative growth rate (RGR), specific growthrate (SGR), condition factor were increased in t1 more than others also. Fat decreased in thefirst half of experiment but increased in second half for all treatments.