Spectral study of some charge transfer complexes derived from some of drugs and acceptors in different solvents


New charge-transfer (CT) complexes(10) were prepared from 3- methoxy 4- hydroxyl benzyldehyde(vanillin)، dimethyl aminebenzaladehyde with some aromatic amines (sulfa drugs) derivatives compounds as donor molecules with two acceptors molecules dinitrobenzene, and 2,4,6 trinitrophenol. The CT complexes were identified by FT-IR, melting points and UV-Vis spectra. The type of bonding between the donor and acceptor depends on the interaction between components were studies by UV-Vis spectra. The electronic absorption spectra of these compounds have been estimated under different polar solvents, some physical parameters of CT complexes have been calculated at the max of each of them.Using Benesi-Hildebrands equation at25oC, the equilibrium constant has been calculated.