Comparative Electrophoretic Studies of Muscles Proteins for Two Species Tilapia zillii and Orochromis aureus in Fresh Water Fishes of Iraq


Abstract. In this study sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDSPAGE)was applied to the lateral muscles proteins of two species from fresh water fishesT. zillii and O. aureus (Cichlidae) (fish taken from Basrah marshes (AI Suawib marsh ) and(AI-Dabab marsh).The eectrophoretic showed that there were deferences in the number ofproteins band of two species 4 protein bands of T. zillii and 3 for O. aureus. The molecularweight of protein bands ranged from 123.296 mg to 18.356 mg for T. zilii and from 73.7 91mg to 16.84 mg for O. aureus. The electrophoretic analysis of lateral muscle proteinsrevealed that SDS-PAGE can be considered agood taxanomic criterion to differentiateamong fish species .