Synthesis and an investigation of the structural properties of Cu-Zn ferrite nanoparticles


Ferrite nanoparticles with the spinel-type structures Cu1-xZnxFe2O4 (where; x= 0.0 to 1.0) were synthesized using auto-combustion sol-gel method. Auto-combustion reaction temperature was determined by thermo-gravimetric analysis (TG), and found it is in the range of (200-220)°C. Fourier transform infrared spectra (FTIR) showed two absorption bands (v1 and v2) that are attributed to the stretching vibration of tetrahedral and octahedral sites in the spinel structure. X-ray diffraction was used to study the structural properties of the above investigated ferrites. Powder-forming particle sizes were characterized and calculated by XRD pattern peak (311) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). As a result the average particle size found to be in the range of 15-30 nm. The lattice parameter (a) was calculated for each composition and it is in the range of (8.2733 to 8.3720 A°). A significant decrease in density and subsequent increase in porosity were observed with increasing Zn content in Cu-Zn ferrite.