Synthesis and Characterization of azo Dye and it’s Complexes with Some Metal Ions


The reaction of [(ceftriaxone) and (4-nitro aniline)] gave the new azo ligand. Treatment of this ligand with the following metal ions Mn(п), Co(п), Ni(п), Cu(п) and Zn (п) with (1:2) ( M:L) ratio yield series of ionic complexes of general formula[M (L)2 ]Cl2 .The prepared complexes were characterized by using FT.IR , UV-Vis spectroscopic and elemental microanalysis (C.H.N) as well as magnetic susceptibility and conductivity measurement. Biological activity of the ligand and complexes against three select types of bacteria were also examined. Some of the complexes exhibit good bacterial activity. From the obtained data the octahedral structure for all prepared complexes.