The Thematic Analysis of Digital Information Resources: Tools and Significance in Retrieving Information


Development in the field of information technology as well as the evolution of human knowledge, whether in the sciences or humanities, led to a large and broad growth in published intellectual production. This has resulted in difficulties in the precise retrieval process for this production by the users in determining the needs of the information published on this production, although there are some standard tools such as ( lists of subject headings – thesaurus ). These include ‘specified’ terms without which information cannot be precisely retrieved. Here comes the importance of this research to highlight on the modern digital tools used in subject analysis to retrieve as much of the information needed by researchers, since it functions as a free language to find the relations and the links between the subjects through examining the content of the document. The presentation of these tools – Tagging – Folksonomies – Taxonomy – Ontology) the objective of this research is to identify the nature and importance of these tools in subject analysis.