The effect of different bagging periods and plant extracts spraying on the physical properties of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. fruits, cv. Sayer


The present study has been conducted at a private orchard in Hartha, Basrah, provinceduring the season of 2012; on the date palm cv Sayer. The aim from the current study to determinethe effect of Bagging and plant extracts spraying on the physical properties of the fruits. TheBagging was studied at three different periods and performed with brown paper the periods werewithout Bagging ; 30 and 45 days post-pollination. While the tested plant extracts were as follow:coconut water with concentrations of (0 ;100 ; 200 and 300) ml /liter-1 two weeks post-pollinationand the Algaren extract (extracted from marine plants) at with concentrations of (0 ; 2 ; 3 and 4) ml/ liter-1 seven weeks post-pollination. The results revealed that both bagging periods(30-45) had asignificant effect one were : the (weight , length , diameter , size and pulp weight) of Sayer fruitsduring Rutab and Tamr stages. The period of 45 days post-pollination was reported thats the highestlevels (6.53 g , 3.41 cm , 1.81 cm , 6.46 cm3 and 5.65 g) on the relay for the Rutab stage. (5.53 g ,3.23 cm , 1.65 cm , 5.36 cm3 and 4.75 g) on the relay at Tamr stage .All of tested concentrations forboth plant extracts were (coconut water and Algaren) show an increment in the above-mentionedtested parameters: noteworthy the highest concentration led to the most significant results ,thetreatment of Algaren extract at 4 ml / liter-1 showed the highest levels (7.22 g, 3.51 cm , 1.87 cm.7.09 cm3 and 6.34 g) on the relay for the Rutab stage , (6.21 g , 3.35 cm , 1.74 cm , 6.10 cm3 and5.42 g) on the relay at Tamr stage.The interaction between bagging periods and plant extractstreatment was elucidated that the bagging up to 45 days post-pollination and Algaren extract atconcentration of 4 ml / liter-1 reported the most significant results for study the physical propertiesat both Rutab and Tamr stages. (7.44 g , 3.58 cm , 1.91 cm , 7.20 cm3 and 6.56 g) on the relay forthe Rutab stage, (6.40 g , 3.43 cm , 1.77 cm , 6.28 cm3 and 5.62 g) on the relay at Tamr stage.