Spectral and Thermodynamic Studies of Charge Transfer Complexes Derived From Schiff Bases with Some Electron Acceptors


(27) Schiff bases prepared product of by aldehyde and substituent aromatic (4-Methoxy,4-Bromo,4-Nitro,4,4Dimethylamine,4-Toulo) aldehyde with aniline and substituent aromatic (4-Bromo,4-Nitro,4-Methoxy,4-Amino) aniline , as charge donor with two acceptor (di nitro benzene, picric acid ) . The Benesi - Hildebrand equation was used the effect of calculation equilibrium constant different polar solvent (CCl4,CH3OH,CH2Cl2,DMF). Ata temperature of (10-35)C0 on eqilibrium and this is used to calculated it ,where the values negative were observe in the studied it Thermodynamic faction , The negative values of the enthalpy and Free energy Gibbs proved that, the formation of CTC is exothermic and could occur spontaneously .As Compare experimental result with theoretical were by uses program (ChemBio3D Ultra 11.0) .