Effect of Rootstock, Buds Soaking in Benzyl Adenine and Foliar Spray of Brassinolide on The Chemical and Hormonal Content of Produced Orange Transplants


This experiment was carried out in the lath house of the department of Horticulture , landscaping / college of Agriculture / University of Baghdad during 10/04/2012 to 01/11/2013. Designed in accordance with R.C.B.D used with three replicate to study the effect of the impact local oranges soaking regulator BA concentrations (0,100,300) Mg.l -1 on three rootstocks of citrus (sour orange, volkamer lemon, Cleopatra mandarin), and after the success of the grafts is sprayed seedlings plant growth regulator concentrations Brassinolide (0.005,0.003,0) Mg.l -1 in the chemical and hormonal content of seedlings Done data analysis according to the statistical program sas averages were compared using the test Duncan’s multiple range at the possibility of 5%. The results can be summarized as follows: The study showed that it was not out of the impact on securities content of nitrogen and phosphorus, it has had a significant effect in the papers content of potassium content hormonal as continued volkamer lemon excellence in securities content of potassium and Zeatin as it gave content was 1.34%, 42.95, while superiority continued tangerine Cleopatra in Securities and carbohydrate content of Brassinolide and auxin and ghebrelin, amounting to 3.17% (28.04, 25.32, 34.5) -1 Maekerowerem.gram sequentially, Either on the impact of soaking Pal BA is observed superiority focus 300 Mg.l -1 giving him a higher content of carbohydrates, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and Brassinolide and Auxin and Alghebrelin as it stood at 3.29%, 1.64%, 0.40%, 1.40%, (32.83, 24.67, 34.76) Maekerowerem.gram -1 sequentially, while the comparison given treatment less content of the qualities mentioned above. The effect of spraying Brassinolide Fimaa_khas was found superiority focus 0.005 Mg.l -1 morally and gave the highest content of carbohydrates and Zeatin and Brassinolide and Auxin and Alghebrelin, amounting to 3.21% (41.58, 33.41, 24.40, 41.72) -1 Maekerowerem.gram sequentially, while Attt comparison treatment less content of the recipes mentioned Anfa.ama on bilateral interactions and triple overlap there were significant differences as a result of these interactions.