Preparation and Characterization of Some Amino Silver(І) Complexes


The study convers preparation of four amino Ag+ complexes and characterization , in molecular formula :[Ag(SMZ)(NO3)(H2O)].H2O, [Ag(NAM)(NO3)(H2O)], [Ag(SCM)(NO3)(H2O)], [Ag(PAB)2(NO3)(H2O)].2H2O. Where: SMZ=Sulfamethoxazole, NAM=Nicotinamide, SCM= Sulfacetamide and PAB=p-Aminobenzoic acid. All four prepared complexes have been characterized as needed by FT-IR, U.V-Vis, atomic absorption, elemental microanalysis (C.H.N), electrical molar conductivity along with melting point. The study revealed that the expected geometrical formula of the four complexes was tetrahedral.