Assess the relationship between insulin fasting levels and healthy obesity in adults in the province of Babylon, Iraq


The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between fasting insulin levels and obesity adults, who do not suffer from chronic diseases and evaluate insulin resistance by HOMA-IR in the same groups. This study was performed in AL-Qasim green university / College of Agriculture/ Laboratory bio-technology with department of nutrition at the Murjan teaching hospital / in Babylon province/Iraq, for the period from June 2015 to January 2016. This study included 89 (100%) were patients with obesity 52 (58.43 %) and 37(41.57%) were control for age range from (19-40) years. This study was found significant association(P ≤ 0.05) between obese and control regarding the age (OR 7.46, CI (2.51-22.18)), gender (OR 3.16, CI (1.28-7.78)), WC (Fisher P≤ 0.05), presence of history of previous obesity (OR 2.85, CI (1.19-6.82)), suffering from Psychosocial stress (OR 0.25, CI (0.10-0.63)) and eating more (OR 0.04, CI (0.01-0.13)) while there was no significant association (P ≥0.05) in exercise daily activity (OR 2.19, CI (0.89-5.33)). This study shows there was significant mean differences (P≤ 0.05) of age, body mass index(Kg/M2), waist circumference(cm) and FBG (mmol/L) between control with obese and in FBG (mmol/L) for both gender. While there were no significant mean differences (P ≥0.05) of age, body mass index(Kg/M2), waist circumference(cm), insulin(ng/mL), HOMA-IR and TG (mmol/L) between obese and control groups for both gender. This study also shows that the significant mean differences (P≤ 0.05 ) in obese group in levels of FBG (mmol/L), HOMA-IR and TG (mmol/L) at the three class of obesity in obese group, While there was no significant mean differences (P ≥0.05) differences in levels of Insulin(ng/mL), despite the high level at class III of obesity. Correlation analysis showed there was positive correlation between BMI with insulin fasting for the obese group. This study of Correlation analysis also showed positive correlation between BMI and insulin fasting and between BMI with HOMA-IR for female in obese group.