Environmental study about milk source for causes brucellosis


Objective: Brucellosis is possess a significant public health problem in Iraq. In this study we diagnosis of brucellosis from infected animals for brucellosis by serological method (Milk Ring test) and also used culture method in diagnosis of animal brucellosis. A total of 87 milk samples were collected from animals with high suspected brucellosis. When culture was applied to milk samples, 6 cases were positive for Brucella species but 9 cases were positive for milk ring test.Duration and place of study: Milk samples were obtained from infected animals for brucellosis, referred to different city in Baghdad and another province like: Al-Thawra city, Abu Ghraib, Al-Habebia, Al-Yosfia, Al-Fudhaliyah and different province in Iraq, which include: Karbala, Diyala and Ninawa, as well as access to statistics and maps of the provinces of Iraq from Ministry of Agriculture/Veterinary Directorate, during the duration from (March to December 2014). Methodology: A total 87 milk samples were collected from infected animals. The diagnosis of brucellosis was established by clinical findings and serological test (Milk ring test and then confirmed by culture method and biochemical test). Results: A total of 9 of 87 sample (10.34%) samples were positive result by MRT and 6 of 87 sample (6.89%) samples were positive result by culture was applied to animal's milk.Conclusions: These results indicate that infected livestock for Brucella like: sheep, goat, cow and buffalo located in epidemiological regions in Iraq especially in Baghdad province across the study period and showed milk culture is the gold standard for diagnosis of brucellosis compared with serological methods (Milk Ring test) for the diagnosis of brucellosis.