Synthesis and characterization of ZnO thin films using Spin Coating technique


In this work , zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film has been Prepared using sol-gel method on glass substrate .To synthesis a ZnO solution which dropped on substrate and spin coating treatment. Zinc acetate and both triethanolamine (TEA) with NaOH and menoethanol amine (MEA) were used as solvents and stabilizer materials, respectively. Structural properties of ZnO films have been studied, using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). XRD results show that the prepared films have polycrystalline in nature and it referred orientation ZnO (002) have low grain size to be 9.9 and 5.3 nm for zinc acetate, both triethanolamine (TEA) with NaOH and menoethanolamine (MEA) of concentration ratio of 1:4 which calculated using Debye Scherer's formula . SEM images are agreement with the XRD results that films with zinc acetate and menoethanolamine (MEA) have smooth surface, make ZnO thin film a promising materials to solar cells and optoelectronic devices in UV range.