The Response of Matricaria Chamomilla L. for spraying by Gibberellic acid and the Hibiscus subdariffa extract on Some Vegetative and flowering growth Characters:


A field experiment was carried out at the experimental fields of Technical College / AL - Mussaib / AL - Furat – AL Awsat Technical University, during two winter seasons (2012 – 2013) and (2013 – 2014). That was to study the spraying effects of foliar application of three GA3 levels of GA3 at ( 0, 100 and 200 mg GA3. L.-1 ) and three levels of Hibiscus subdariffa extract (0, 5% and 10%), in randomized complete block design with three replications. In order to response detect for some vegetative and flowering characteristics on chamomile plant ( Matricaria Chamomilla L. ) Common cultirar, in order to determine the best level of growth regulators which increase efficency ability of plant production, and study plant morphological changes which result for physrological process, spraying accompanying, more over a trial to access to plant extract which give the same needed effects which hormone gibberellin marked caused in plant from using some active compounds found in some medical plants which act as growth encouraging factors or growth inhibition factors. Results showed that with GA3 and Hibiscus Subdariffa extract was significantly increase values of all parameters measured. However, Levels of 100 mg GA3 L-1 and 10 percentage Hibiscus subdariffa extract showed highest values of : plant height (64.26, 86.86)cm, number. Branches (36.66, 54.83) branches – plant -1 , fresh weight of plant (1534.73, 1889.79)g, dry weight of plant (644.73, 779.70)g, and content volatile oil percentage of flowers (1.51, 1.72)%, in both seasons respectively.