Effect spraying Indol Acetic Acid "IAA" and nutrient solution " KomBe'' on growth parameter of Snapdragon plants Antirrhimum majus L.


An experiment was conducted at the nursery of Agricultural Faculty/University of kufa during the growing season 2013/2014 to study the effect of Andol Acetic Acid and nutrient solution on growth parameters. An experiment (3˟3) was adopted by Randomized Complete Block design (R.C.B.D) with three replicates in two factors, First three concentrations of Indol Acetic Acid "IAA" i.e. (0, 100 and 200) mg. L-1 ,Second three concentrations of nutrient solution i.e. (0, 2 and 4) g.L-1, means were compared by using Least Significant Difference Test (L.S.D) on probability level 0.05. Results showed that spraying with indol acetic acid and nutrient solution increased significantly growth parameters, that spraying with indol acetic acid at a concentration 200 mg.L-1 and nutrient solution at a concentration 4g.L-1 increased significantly of plant height, number of total leaves, dry weight of shoots, leaf content of total chlorophyll and total soluble carbohydrates, flower stalk ,flower stalk diameter and number of flower to (41.3cm,56.67 Leaf.plant-1, 4.48gm.plant-1, 37.08 mg.100 gm-1 fresh weight, 10.82mg.gm-1 dry weight, 17.93cm, 7.57cm, 18.67flower.plant-1) compared with control treatment which gave the least values.