A comparative Adsorption Study for Fe in Ferrosam and Hemavit Drugs on Iraqi Bentonite clay


Bentonite clay is widely used in pharmaceutical industry and medical applications. A batch adsorption system has been applied to study the differences between the adsorption of Fe in ferrosam (FeSO4.7H2O) and Fe in hemavit (C4H2FeO4) on the Iraqi bentonite. The adsorption percentage (Q%) of Fe in ferrosam reached to (96.2 - 96.6)% while the percentage for hemavit reached to (71.3- 80.7)% at the temperature range (303-323) K.The adsorption isotherms for ferrosam was a Langmuir type while the adsorption isotherm for hemavit was Freundlich type. Thermodynamics and kinetics parameters of the adsorption of two drugs has been calculated in details. The results were shown that higher adsorption of Fe in ferrosam as (inorganic formula) than the adsorption of Fe in hemavit as (organic formula).