Prevalence of bacterial vaginosis among women in Al-Diwaniya city by using Amsel’s criteria and Nugent’s scores


This study has been conducted in Al-Diwaniya city through the period from December 2012 to December 2013, in order to investigate the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis, by using the clinical criteria and the scoring system. Results showed that only 6.25% had BV according to the clinical criteria. Accordingly, Amsel׳s criteria had low sensitivity (16.66%), but with high specificity (95.69%). The vaginal pH was the most sensitive criterion, while the most specific one was the clue cells (100% for both). According to Nugent׳s scores, 18 women in this group had BV (prevalence, 16.07%), 93 women were without this syndrome, and one women had unreported condition previously in Iraq; that is cytolytic vaginosis which is mainly characterize by low vaginal pH and an increase in numbers of lactobacilli.