The Relationship Between The Type 1 Diabetes And Celiac Disease: A Study Based On Anti Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies And Anti-Glidine Antibodies Screening


Background: The present investigation aims to study the prevalence rate and clinical characteristics of celiac disease(CD)among Iraqi children with type1 diabetes mellitus using a combination of the most sensitive and specific screening serologic tests anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies IgA,IgG(tTG)and anti-gliaden antibodies IgA,IgG(AGA) and to determine the lower cut-off value of anti-tTG and anti-AGA level that best predicts celiac disease in patient with type1 diabetes. Materials: Two patient groups have investigated (each to NO =30) in this study one with celiac disease and the other with type1 diabetes mellitus compared to third group of apparently healthy control group of 20 individuals. patient with positive anti-tTG titer and AGA titer (>18 U/ml) and patient with equivocal of anti-tTG and AGA titers(12–18 U/ml) and negative titers (<18 U/ml ) Results: The median calculation of Anti-gliadin IgA (Uml) were ;1.6 ,6.15 and 27.4 among healthy group ,type1 diabetes mellitus, and celiac disease patient respectively. An interesting ROC values (AUC 0.949-1.000) for this auto-antibodies as a perfect test in this aspect. In the same context, the IgG ,class of this auto-antibody occurred in median concentration of 3.05, 5.7 , and 21.85 among the three groups ,respectively. It significantly differed among this group and as compared to each other's. For anti-tissue transglutamenase assays ,Both IgA and IgG were provided with significant differentiation tools when compared among the three studied groups both classes provided had high ROC (0.947- 1.000). Conclusion: From the result of this study, we concluded the overlapping auto-antibodies profile celiac disease and type1 diabetes mellitus