Voltammetric characterization of polystyrene grafted with acrylonitrile electrode self modification with carbon nanotube (Psgacesmcnt)


Abstract A novel self modification of grafted polystyrene-acrylonitrile working electrode with carbon nanotubes was success for fabrication from grafting polymer via gamma irradiation and ferrous ammonium sulfate (FAS) as a catalyst. The electrochemical properties of the self modified grafted polymer with CNT (PSGACESMCNT) improved performance the working electrode at higher conducting surface was done through using in cyclic voltammetry (CV). Morphology of the surface of PSGACESMCNT was characterized by AFM and ASM. The characterization of electrocnductivity properties of PSGACESMCNT was studied in 1M of KCl with different concentration of K3 [Fe(CN)6], at different scan rates, temperature, and different concentrations using CV technique. The new PSGACESMCNT improved performance the working electrode in CV at different techniques such as rotating disc electrode (RDE). also, the nanomaterials in the chain of grafted polymer was enhanced the redox current peaks of Fe (II)/Fe (III) multi times than at commercial working electrodes such as GCE, Pt-electrode, Au-electrode…. etc.