Measurement of the natural radiation of soil samples from official offices in the city of Baghdad (Al-Karkh)


Abstract Twenty – four soil samples were collected from the official offices at Al-Karkh side in the city of Baghdad to measure the effective radiation doses of these samples using a gamma – ray spectrometer, by high purity germanium detector (HPGe). The detection of radionuclide and the values of specific activity were calculated by using (GINE-2000) program. It was found that the rate of specific activity of the nuclide (214Bi or 214Pb) was equivalent to the specific activity of (238U) at (13.88±0.69) Bq/ kg, while its average value for (228Ac or 212Pb) was (15.73±0.86) Bq/kg which is equivalent to the specific activity of (232Th). The average value of specific activity of (40K) was (317.58±14.11) Bq/kg and for (137Cs) was (1.83±0.27) Bq/kg. Then the average value of the absorbed dose in air and the annual effect dose for Al-Karkh side were (29.80±1.50) nGy. h-1 and (36.54±1.84) µsv. y-1 respectively.