The Extent exposed of rural Woman to Domestic violence in some villages in Diyala Governorate


This research aimed to :1- Identifying the domestic violence which the rural woman exposed.2- Identifying some individual's characteristics of the research sample .3- Identifying the view point of violated woman .4- Identifying the negative effects resulted from domestic violence against the rural woman as the perception of the violated women .5- The destinations which the violated women go to when they suffer the repealed violence .For this work the dale were collected randomly using personal questionnaire for ( 186) rural women in four villages in Diyala province at a rote of (5%) from total families number in every village , and by using repented distributions and percentages in displaying data first , Types of domestic violence which the rural woman exposed tabs clear from the results that social violence and economical violence is the most spread types of domestic violence . by (76%) as cdenial of expenses , or social participation , or denial visiting fried and vela tires, and denial completing education . followed by verbal violence by (65.2%) as speaking loudly , curse, ridicule , the threat of divorce and marry another woman then Body violence by ( 46.3%) as bcaling with hands , slapping face , pulling hair , and beaning with tools of prey this results give a clear evidence on the large size of the problem of domestic violence in the rural community .Second : for some individual characteristics of the research sample , this research shows some individuals characteristics of rural women they are the young age of rural women , limited education. Big numbers of rural family , jobless husbanded and un sufficient income these characteristics may contribute and helping the occurrence of domestic violence in rural community .Third : Reasons behind domestic violence against rural woman . as preface to these reasons unemployed meant social values and habits , worse and insecurity , watching violence in the media . unavailable housing . interventions the couple of husbands families , husband suffering from health problems , differences in broughling sons up religion rights and husband drinking alcohol at last there is no rules to protect women from domestic violence .