The effect of the concentration and the number of times sprayed humus (Liq-Humus) in the growth of flowers and carnations plant Dianthus caryophyllus L.


An experiment was conducted at the nursery of Agriculture Faculty/ Kufa university during growing season of 2012 – 2013 to study the Effect concentration and spraying number of Humus on growth and flowering Dianthus caryophyllus L. plant The experiment was adopted in Randomized Complete Block Design ( R.C.B.D ) with three replicates in two factors. The first factor was the concentration of Laq-Humus (0,1,2)ml.L-1 the second was the spraying number (0,2,3) spraying times and ther concentration. The means of treatments were compare by using the Least Significant Difference ( L.S.D ) test at 0.05 probability Rusults showed that spraying of Laq-Humus with concentration of 2ml.L-1 for three spraying increased significantly growth parameters plant height , leaf number ,shoot dry weight , total content of chlorophyll , soluble carbohydrates ,root height , root dry weight ,(number of flowers , flowers diameter, petal number , dry weight of flower )9.67 flowers.plant -1 ,132.33days,5.30cm , 38.33 petal. Flowers-1,2.12 gm as compared with control treatmeant which gave the least values as 4.67 flower.plant - ,155.67day , 1.97 cm 25.33 petal. Flowers-1,0.29 gm ,respectively.


Humus, Compost