Used Pollen Grains As Taxonomic Evidence of Some Wild Species of Genus Iris L. (Iridaceae) Growing in Iraq


The study included use of pollen grains of 8 species of the genus Iris L. belonging to Iridaceae wild growing in Iraq, I.aucheri، I.barnumae، I.caucasica، I.germanica، I.persica ،I.pseudocaucasica ، I.madonna ، I.reticulata and used as evidences to classify the genus taxa , were examined by light microscope L.M. and scanning electron microscope S.E.M. , As it was divided the species in to two groups based on presence or absence of the aperture and the shape of the pollen, including the exine ornamentation and the pollen wall, it was reticulate and semitectate columellate for all species .