Study The Bacterial Content Of The Local Pocessed Meat (Albastirma)


The aim of this study was carried out to investigate the microbial content of the bacon meat (Albastirma) which available in the Iraqi market to ensure the safety of food provided to the consumer protection by ensuring free meat cured of harmful bacteria as well as to contain the acceptable bacteria ratios by comparing the meat models bacon (Albastirma) nd the extent of compliance with the Iraqi standard specification. Elven bacon meat samples were collected From local markets in Baghdad city. Bacteriological tests were conducted including :Total count of bacteria, Fecal coliform counting, counting Staphylococcus, Salmonella .Results of bacteriological examinations reveal the total number of bacteria in the trademark (F8) total was 23×106 cfu/g and while the lowest number in the trademark (F10) total was 31 × 103 cfu / g, also reached the highest number of Coliform 23 × 103 cfu / g in the trademark (F2) while the fewest amount of this bacteria 11 × 102 cfu / g in Mark (F4), while deserted brands (F11, F10, F9, F6, F5 , F3, F1) of these bacteria. It shows that the highest number of Staphylococcus 14 × 104 cfu / g in the trademark (F2), less the number of Staphylococcus in the trademark (F11) total was 2 × 101 cfu / g. Salmonella spp. were detected in three brand namely (F2, F4 , F8) .