Determination of Immunoglobulin's levels in cutaneous Leishmainasis patients


Human leishmaniasis is distributed worldwide, butmainly in the tropics and subtropics, with a prevalenceof 12 million cases and an approximate incidence of 0.5million cases of VL (visceral leishmaniasis) and 1.5 million cases of cutaneousleishmaniasis (CL) Leishmaniaspecies are intra‐cellularparasites invading monocytes, macrophages, and langerhans celland begin the differentiation process into amastigotes, the parasite form which persists in the host. Theirinfection in man induces both humoral andcellular immune responses, but the balanceof their expression varies with the type of the disease. To identify the profile of autoantibodies levels of patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis, this study showed that a significance changes of immunoglobulin levels as high level, especially in IgG and no significance value for elevation of IgM and IgA.