Prevalence and Impact of Headache in Undergraduate Students in Kirkuk University


Background : Headache is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system and several of its subtypes tension-type headache, migraine, cluster headache and the so-called chronic daily headache syndromes—cause substantial levels of disability for students and peoples throughout the world . Objectives of the study :- Aims of the study to determine headache prevalence among college students at Kirkuk university in Kirkuk city and to find out the relationship between headache and demographic characteristic of student with age , gender and residence Material and Method : descriptive design used to achieve the objectives of the study was carried out at on students of collegs at Kirkuk University between the from September 14th 2014 to May 1st 2015. The study was conducted in Kirkuk university, the study conducted on six college from Kirkuk University (Education ,Nursing , Agriculture , Science , Law and Administration and Economic ).A convenient sample consisted of (600) students who were study in the colleges of Kirkuk university.Through extensive review of relevant literature, In order to collect the study information, a questionnaire was constructed .The data was collected by using personal and interview technique. Overall items included in the questionnaire were (52) items.. The questionnaire consists of two parts, demographic data which is composed of (10) items such as (age, gender, class, marital status, types of headache and duration ).part two include characteristic of headache comprised of (42) items. That classified as (Frequency, Onset, Location, Triggers and Associated Symptoms for headache. All items were measured by using 3-likert scale option were used in the rating scale as always (3) , some time (2) and Never (1). Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, which include frequency and percentages, were computed and inferential statistics (T test and ANOVA), Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version (17) is used for data analysis at (P.value ≤ 0.05).Results :The results shows the headache were high in students at age between (21-25 years) and constitute (59.5 % ) .Also the results shows the headache is common in females and constituted of (50.7 %) . Most of the students were Single and constituted (86.4% ) and (43.0%) of the students were have tension headache ,with regard to the start of headache (54.7% ) of the sample were have headache after reading finally about duration of headache (38.8%) of student were have headache hourly also the result show high significant between headache and type of college Also the study concluded there were significant differences between pain type, Location , Triggers and Associated Symptoms for headache and their student gender except for Frequency and Onset of headache.Conclusion: Headache is a highly prevalent condition among the students at the University of kirkuk .This disease may have a major impact on the students’ lives and in some cases, ultimately lead to educational failure.Recommendation:- The researcher recommends further studies includes all colleges Kirkuk university ,provide psychological support for college student to decrease tension headache, constructing specialized headache center to dealing with headache cases and providing posters, booklet to improve students' knowledge about headache