Study the effect of Pitch size When the number of rings of the second air gaps on the dispersion profile of Photonic Crystal Fibers


The need for a fibre optics working in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum has led to the development of new kind of fibre optics called photonic crystal fibre (PCF).In this paper we have investigate the effect of the pitch distance Λ as a function of the wavelength for a single mode PCF. The results has indicated that for (Nr=2 , MNr=1 , Λ=1.2 , d/Λ=0.5) this design has a dispersion of (-37ps/nm/km) at λ=0.8µm and a dispersion of (-30 ps /nm/km) at λ=1.31µm and a dispersion of( 1.10ps/nm/km) at λ= 1.55µm .This design has a flat dispersion for a wavelength range of (0.95 µm, in addition to that, this model has (3ZDW) in the dispersion curve. P