Investigation of Doppler broadening Compton scattering for aluminum element at different angles


The Compton energy-absorption cross sections are evaluated for the Al element and for a photon energy range (1 - 100 keV). By using these cross-sections, the Compton component of the mass–energy absorption coefficient is derived, where the electron momentum prior to the scattering event caused a Doppler broadening of the Compton line. Also, the momentum resolution function is evaluated in terms of incident and scattered photon energy and scattering angle. The overall momentum resolution of each contribution is estimated for X-ray and γ-ray energies of experimental interest in the angular region 30°–180° and the best angle is found at the scattering angle 〖180〗^°. The Compton broadening is estimated using the nonrelativistic formula in the presence of these angular regions, for the photon energy range (17.44 – 68.81) keV. The measured cross sections are compared with theoretical values and reported values of other investigators. The present results agree with the theoretical values.