The optical properties of (PVA+PVP) + PANI blends


Polyaniline polymer has been prepared by chemical oxidation polymerization method in laboratory successfully. The PANI and (PVA+PVP) as a polymer blends in different percentage (30%, 50%, 70%) from Polyaniline was prepared. The sample was studies as optical properties by UV-vis spectrophotometer at (400-700) nm.The result of optical energy gap was 2.23 eV for pure (PVA+ PVP) and with additive was increasing with increasing PANI concentration to become (2.49 for 30% to 2.52 for 70%) PANI. The goal of this project is prepare triple blend polymer and study the effect when add conductive polymer (Polyaniline) on the optical properties and calculate optical constant as energy gap, refractive index, dielectric constant and dielectric losses for (PVA+PVP) blends.