Studying the effect of silica (SiO2) addition on the adhesive properties of polyvinyl alcohol


The work concerned with studying the effect of (SiO2) addition as a filler on the adhesive properties of (PVA).Samples were prepared as sheets by using casting method.The mechanical properties showed that increase in tensile strength from (34MPa) to (68MPa) when (SiO2) added to (PVA).The adhesive strength showed that joint properties depend upon specific adhesive characteristic of material (PVA)and(SiO2PVA)composites at different concentrations (1.5%,2.5%,3.5%,4.5wt%), the cohesive strength of the adhesive material, the joint design, and adherent type(Sponge Rubber(SR),Natural leather(NL),Vulcanized Rubber(VR),and Cartoon). The results proved the tensile strength increased with (SiO2) ratio, so it can be used as the adhesive material.Shear strength showed an increase with (SiO2) ratio of sponge rubber,and cartoon adherent,whereas it was increased up to 2.5% for Natural Leather,and Vulcanized Rubber then decreased;That suggested it is most suitable for sponge rubber adhesive and cartoon than the other adherents.