Sustainability Principals of Traditional Architecture in the Islamic Perception


Undoubtedly, Islam contains many sustainability and environment conservations indicators that integrated with the social values and human behaviour of the Moslems society. The concept of environment in the Islamic perception means more than the simple enumeration of its components or those of the ecological system; it transcends this to establish a link between these components and the human factor. Thus, built environment in the Islamic World was a reflection of Moslems view to environment as living entity. This view is materialized in different levels whether in the city planning or architectural design that was shaped by the beliefs and actions of inhabitants who adhered to the Islam as a way of life with social ideals. This research aims to study the sustainability potential in the traditional architecture in the Arab World: especially the house. Research methodology depends on analytic approach to environmental solutions in the traditional house from sustainability standpoint. In addition, research depends on procedural approach to the survey measurements taken to case study samples to traditional and modern houses in Baghdad