Effect of Hormones Type and Dose on Oocyte Development in Cyprinus carpio Prepared to the Artificial Spawning


Three types of hormones were used in this study, i.e. LHRH-A2 with dosages of (10, 20 or 30) μg . kg-1, a mixture of LHRH-A2 with dosages of (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50)μg . kg-1 with Domperidone (DOM) at 5 mg . kg-1 and carp pituitary gland extract(CPE) at 4 mg .kg-1 , in order to study the effect of hormone type and dosage on theoocytes development of common carp Cyprinus carpio L. females during the artificial fertilization. It has been found that the mature egg cells ratio prepared for realizing has appeared in some histological sections of the ovaries for females treated with the hormoneLHRH-A2 alone or a mixture of the hormone LHRH-A2 + DOM except that the amount of this ratio was uneven impact of the type of hormone dose level, histological sections showed the presence ovale cells in the initial stages of growth Primary growth phase and the other in the secondary stage of growth Secondary growth phase which indicate lackof contribution to the fertility process Working fecundity. The histological sectionsshowed there were little number of eggs arrived to the final stage of maturity, and so did not get ovulation in fish treated with hormone LHRH-A2 unit or the mixture of the hormone LHRH-A2 + DOM and this shows a lack of ability to stimulate the final maturity of the eggs and then ovulation. In contrast, the fish that were treated with extract of the pituitary gland, eggs arrived at the final stage of maturation and ovulation.