Study the Effect of Phenol on formation of Supramolecular gel


In this work, the cationic surfactant hexacetyl pridinium chloride (HCPC) was blended with anionic surfactant Sodium Dodecyl benzene Sulfate (SDBS) by using different concentrations (0.0025 - 0.1M) of phenol and at temperature ranges (20-35 Co). It was found that the viscosity values for the mixture of SDBS / HCPC at a certain mixing ratios (12/3, 10.5/4.5 and 9/6), were increased in the presence of phenol, due to formation of self-assembled supramolecular. Moreover, the thermodynamic functions as well as the activation energy for the process of self-assembled were calculated. Conductivity measurements were also performed for further support. The results revealed a physical interaction insight intermolecular forces.