Synthesis of graphene-oxadiazole-2-thiol (RGS) / PVA composite and studying Its electric properties


In this work focused on preparing novel nanocompound Reduce graphene-oxadiazole-2-thiol (RGS), is a derivative of graphene, Which was obtained through a series of reactions on graphene oxide (GO). Incorporating (RGS) in PVA via non-covalent afforded RGS/PVA composites with different weight of RGS. the RGS/PVA composite and pure PVA were identified by different techniques, FTIR measurements, The scanning electron microscope (SEM), powder x-ray diffraction. The electrical properties of the RGS/PVA composite was investigated. These properties include dielectric constant, permittivity(ε'), imaginary permittivity(ε"), conductivity (