Isolation of lactobacillus sp. And study antibacterial activity on some enteric bacterial growth


This study included to investigate the action of Lacto bacilli which isolated from raw cow milk were collected from local markets in Al- Diwaniyia province ,and study the effect of these bacteria 0n diarrhea causing bacteria . A total of (100) samples , of study and isolated (12) sample from lactobacillus sp , for the antimicrobial activity of the isolated lactobacillus sp were used against on some diarrhea causing bacteria ( Escherichia coli ,Salmonella sp. ,Shigella sp ., Proteus sp . and Klebsiella sp.) using disk assay method .In conclusion , lactobacillus sp appear antimicrobial activity in vitro against the tested indicator bacteria and have better antimicrobial activity at cancentration of 〖10〗^7cfu/ml