Effect of dietary Suppementation with Clomphine citrate on some productive and physiological traits of Lohmann Brown laying hens


This study was conducted at the Poultry Farm Department of Animal Production / College of Agricalture / Baghdad University to study the effect of adding different levels of clomphine citrate to the layer hen diet on performance , eggs quality, humeral immunity and some blood traits. A total of 36Lohmann Brownlaying hens, 48 weeks of age were used in this study. The birds were randomly distributed to three treatments with three replicates (4 hen / pen) for 6 weeks. Experimental treatmentwere as follows :- T1(Control) , T2 supplementd 0.5 mlgclomphine citrate /hen/day, T3 supplementd 1 mlgclomphine citrate /hen/day. Results showed that adding clomphine citrate to laying hens diet led to significant improvement (p<0.05) in averge of egg production (H.H.) ,egg mass, feed cnversion ratio, cumulative egg number, yolk weight, albumin weight, albumin index and humeral immunity valuesfor clomphine citrate treatments compared to the control. Clomphin citrate treatments showed no significant differences (p<0.05) in averge of egg weihgt, feed intake, shell weight, egg index, yolk index, Haugh Units, shell percentage weight, albumin percentage weight, yolk percentage weight,blood and meat spot percentage, total protien, albumin, glubulineand blood glucose as compared with the control group.