Study of role of folic acid and vitamin B12 on physiological traits and some biochemical blood parameters of pregnant Awassi ewes and its lambs during the gestation and parturition and their lambs from lambing to weaning


This study was conducted in a civil farm of Tagia area in Hilla city. 24 of pregnant Awassi ewes with sucking lambs were used . Ewes were about 3 years old with average live weight of 43-44 kg at the beginning of the experiment .The animals were randomly distributed into four equal groups (6 ewes per each group). Ewes were fed concentrate diet in addition 6 hours/day on grass pastures. This study was lasted from the 3rd month of gestation until weaning of their lambs .Ewes and their lambs were dosed vitamins (B9 and B12) during gestation and lactation. Treatments include the first group (control group) vitamins were not offered to animals. In the second treatment animals were dosed with 5 mg of folic acid (vitamin B9) , in the third treatment animals were dosed with 225 IU of B12 vitamin ,and in the fourth treatment animals were dosed with mixture of both vitamins (B9 and B12) .As for ewes lambs ,the first during suckling period were not dosed with any vitamins (control) . while in the second treatment were dosed with 1 mg of folic acid ,in third treatment lambs were dosed with 125 IU of vitamin B12, and in fourth treatments lambs were dosed with mixture of two vitamins during the suckling period. The statistical analysis of results revealed significant differences (P≤0.05) in the average of body temperature of ewes and suckling lambs between among treatments and highly significant differences (P≤0.01) on respiratory rate and heart pulse per minute among different treatments of ewes and suckling lambs. Results also showed mathematical important in viability rate improved of ewes and suckling lambs among vitamins treatment as compared with control group. Blood parameters showed significant increase (P≤0.05) in the means corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) and the accounts of lymphocytes and high significant increase (P≤0.01) in the means of the accounts of red blood cells (RBC) , white blood cells (WBC) , haemoglobin level (Hb), PCV , mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) in the blood samples of ewes and lambs that treated with folic acid and vitamin B12 as compared with the control treatment . it was concluded that offering folic acid and vitamin B12 signficantly improved the physiological viability traits and blood biochemical characteristics.