Reflection of selection of employee's strategy on human capital/ (Field research at the University of Baghdad)


This research aims to know the reflection of selection of employees strategy dimensions ( selection of employees strategy standards, procedures selection of employees strategy , efficiency based on a selection of employees strategy) on human capital (knowledge, skills, abilities) in a sample of Lecturers consists of (Deans and assistants and heads of departments) in ( Baghdad University) included nine colleges and university president as total sample size (54), which represent almost 50% of the total research community of 116, was used in the light of the objectives of the research descriptive and analytical approach, has been a resolution main tool for data collection as well as the interview personal, using a number of statistical methods as (arithmetic mean, percentages, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation, and the correlation coefficient (Pearson), and the method of regression analysis), and the results led to acceptance of the original hypotheses to search Among the most prominent results that have been reached and there is a correlation is a direct and positive impact reflection selection of employees strategy on human capital at Baghdad University, the process has emerged search the finding of a key is that the Iraqi universities surveyed (University of Baghdad) pay attention to the selection of employees strategy criteria and procedures and the efficiency of those in charge of the selection process and selection of employees in the process of assessing came in good form all its dimensions (strategy criteria for selection of professionals, strategy selection of professionals procedures, efficiency based on a strategy selection of employees) and the University of Baghdad pay attention to human capital and focus towards enhanced through the selection of personnel who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities.