Using Public and Private Cloud Computing in developing the Evaluation System of annual employees' performance at Iraqi Universities: A comparative study


Business organizations are using the technological innovations like cloud computing (CC) as a developmental platform in order to improve the performance of their information systems. In that context, our paper discusses know-how in employing the public and private CC to serve as platforms to develop the evaluation system of annual employees' performance (ESAEP) at Iraqi universities. Therefore, we ask the paper question which is “Is it possible to adopt the innovative solutions of ICTs (Like: public and private CC) for finding the developmental vision about management information systems at business organizations?”. In addition, the paper aims to provide a sophisticated model that depends on these solutions for improving the performance of ESAEP at Iraqi universities. We used the case study approach to read the reality of the environment of old ESAEP and determining its development requirements in the light of using CC. In addition, we used the comparative approach to determine the achieved feasibility of the target development process. The tools that used in this paper includes Hardware (like: servers and laptops), Software (like: Share Point Ser. 2013), Applications (like: Google Sheets) and the Communication Technologies, as well as we used the PERT method in conducting a comparison between the old system and the proposal new system. The paper has reached several conclusions and suggestions, the most important of which: The existing ESAEP in Iraqi universities is not effective system, because of its non-reliance on Information and Communication Technologies in an integrated manner, thus was born a problem of the duplication of handwork and Semi-electronic work. By using the public and private CC, the developer new system enables to reduce the required working hours for the completion of evaluation activities in the old system at a rate of (158.88%), due to the proposed new system's ability to solve the previous problem and therefore its adoption only on the electronic work. We urged the Iraqi universities to implement one of the proposed developmental models (using public or private CC) in the light of the desired features of each model as well as the implementation requirements. Furthermore, it is necessary to update and develop the computer and Internet centres at Iraqi universities in terms of achievement new tasks and responsibilities.