Cytotoxic Effect of Vincarosea Aqueous Crude Extraction Human Brain Carcinoma Cell Line (AMGM) In Vitro


The present study investigated the cytotoxic effects of aqueous crude extracts of Vincarosea leaves, flowers and seeds on Human brain carcinoma cell line (AMGA, Ahmed Majeed Glioblastoma Multiform ) in vitro, by using serial double dilution (concentration between 1.95-1000 µg/ml). The results showed that the cytotoxic effect of extracts was depended on type of parts of plant extracted, concentration and exposure time. The concentration 1000 µg/ml gave inhibition rate (IR), were (34, 49 and 64) % of leaves, flowers and seeds extracts respectively compared with control 100% after 24 hours from exposure time. However, low concentrations of aqueous extracts were found to induce the AMGA cells growth and proliferation (PR), it was 115% by treatment with aqueous extract offlowers extract in 1.95 µg/ml after 24 hours of exposed.