Effect of Pile and Load Inclination on the Pile Resistance In both Compression and Tension


According to this theoretical study which was about loading of piles under different condition of loading (compression and up-lift forces ) and for deferent pile installation (vertical and inclined pile ) by which it called (positive batter pile ) when the inclination of the load and pile is in the same direction and called (negative batter pile) when the inclination of load is opposite to the pile inclination, and from studying these cases the results of analysis can be summarize in the flowing points:1-Variation of load inclination on piles effects on the bearing capacity and uplift resistance. It was found that bearing capacity of the piles increase with increasing of load inclination up to the inclination angle (37.5ͦ) which represents the maximum bearing capacity and then the bearing capacity decrease with increasing of load inclination.2- Variation of batter pile affects the bearing capacity of the pile and up-lift resistance. by which equivalent angle will be used as result between the load and piles inclination and this angle will be used in calculation of piles resistance .3- It was noticed the shape of soil failure is highly affected by the inclination of pile.The shape of failure for the soil which is in contact with pile and this include (vertical and batter piles) is highly affected by the angle of inclination.