Effect of Additive of Expanded Polystyrene and Perlite on Some Mechanical Properties and Thermal Conductivity for Mass Concrete


In this research, the major problem of mass concrete (Differences in Temperature) was studied. Expanded polystyrene and perlite were added in different percentages to investigate the effects on some mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of concrete. Two stages of work were performed.In first stage, reference mix was designed at proportion (1cement: 1.41sand: 2.72gravel) with (0.4) water cement ratio. Four tests were conducted, these tests including density, compressive strength, flexural strength and thermal conductivity through exponential equation depending on dry density. In the second stage, polystyrene beads and perlite were added as volumetric ratio with (10, 15, 20, 25, and 30) percentages to the original size of reference mix and conducted the tests and study their effects .The results showed a significant improvement in thermal insulation and reduced thermal conductivity (40 , 22) % by using (30) % of polystyrene and perlite respectively. The decreasing in some mechanical properties can be seen and this decreasing did not have serious effects on the design efficiency of the structure which conformed with the specifications.