Study the Chemical and Swelling Resistance of Functionalized Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (FMWCNTS) / Epoxy Composite


In this experimental research, some sample from epoxy with multi wall carbon nanotube as filler in different weight percent (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25 and 0.5) wt % have been prepared. The chemical resistance, swelling resistance and shore hardness D of the samples were studied in Acids such as Per chloric acid (HCLO4) (1N), alkalis for instance, Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) (1N) and Solvents are namely , gas oil and kerosene, and 5 g of (NaCl) per liter of distilled water. The results exhibited increases in chemical resistance and hardness values climb with raise FMWCNT ratio. The contact angle test increased with increasing amount of FMWCNTs in epoxy. The results of chemical resistance show that the lowest values of percent weight loss appear for 0.5 % FMWCNT when immersed in (HClO4) (-0.8127%). The maximum value of shore hardness D was 70 for epoxy reinforced with (0.5% FMWCNT).