Theoretical studyof the photons rate production in the Quark-Gluon interaction at Compton scattering


The aim of this paper is studying and calculation the photons rate emission in quark gluonsystems at Compton scattering processes according to the quantum field theory and quantum consideration. Quantum chromodynamic theory have been used to calculate the photon rate in ug→dγand cg→dγsystems at Compton scattering due to the critical temperature T_c=160MeV with flavor number N_f=3 and 6 and thermal energies T= 150MeV, 200MeV, 250MeV and 300MeV. Photons rate is calculated depending on the estimation of the effective strength coupling α_esc, quantum electrodynamic constant α, photons energy E_phot, square charge of the quarkse_QCD^2,thermal energy T and Euler constant θ_Eulerparameters using a MATLAB designed program. In both ug→dγand cg→dγsystems, the rate of photons production are increases with decreases the effective coupling strength and increases thermal energy for one-loop predictions.Photons rate, Quantum chromodynamic theory, Compton scattering.