Histopathological effects of Doxorubicin on pancreas in male Albino rats


The aim of this study was to investigate the histopathological side effects of doxorubicin on pancreas tissue in male albinorats Rattus norvegicus. This study were used 55 adult rats (2.5-3.5) month of age. The rats divided into two groups, the firstgroup include (35) rats. The second group were (20) rats. Microscopial examination of pancreas lesion demonstrated oedemaaround the acini, swelling of the epithelial cells of acini, occurance of cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) at the concentration of(4,5) mg/kg of body weight ,occurrence of small islets that form of few cells and exocrine-endocrine transformation. Therewere thickness in the walls of blood vessels, thrombus, congestion of blood vessels, we conclude, that doxorubicin hadhistopathological effect on pancreas in sub-acute doses more than chronic doses.