Blood money In Islam


Addressing parental important topic in the study of Islamic jurisprudence, history and judgments made by deriving strength from The Koran and the Sunnah after that abounded problems in the Muslim community following the spread of the phenomenon He said the killing of Islamic jurisprudence, protective all sorts of murder and causes of parental specified for each type of these detailsThe species is of solutions and treatments developed by Islamic jurisprudence on the issue of parental killing is to stop These rejected by the Islamic religion case the fact that man is superior what exists in life. Find ensure that after this summary Introduction and three sub-sections mentioned in the first section, the language of blood moneyAnd idiomatically, the origin of the blood money, the reasons for parental obligations, parental sections, while the second section included when blood moneyArabs before Islam, while the third section came in Islam in blood money, murder, willful killing quasi Manslaughter, definition and examples in Islam, and a conclusion true search results, margins Find, List