Rota virus diarrhea in children under five admitted to Basrah General Hospital


Background: This study is a retrospective record-based study involving all children aged less than five years admitted to Basrah General Hospital with acute gastroenteritis during study period 2008-2013. Objectives: To measure the prevalence of rotavirus infection and to relate the infection to selected epidemiological variables. Methods: All children less than five years old admitted to pediatric ward in Basrah General Hospital with acute gastroenteritis over the period 2008- 2013 were included. They were 942 in number. The data were collected through special form (diarrhea case report form). It included two parts, the first part about patient’s information and clinical information while the second one was about the laboratory information.Results: The overall prevalence of rotavirus infection among the study children was 43.7%. The highest prevalence rate was in 2009 (53.0%) and the lowest rate was in 2010 (33.6%). The infection increased in the colder months of the year. The infection was more among age group 6-12 months (58.7%) affecting males and females in similar degree and no statistical significance could be found. All the positive rotavirus cases complained from diarrhea (100%), vomiting (74.5%) and fever (70.1%). Conclusions: Rotavirus a common cause of acute gastroenteritis in children under five years old. The prevalence was higher in infant between 6-11 months.Key words: Rotavirus, Diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, infant