High Order Sliding Mode Observer-Based Output Feedback Controller Design For Electro-Hydraulic System


A perturbed linear system with property of strong observability ensures that there is a sliding mode observer to estimate the unknown form inputs together with states estimation. In the case of the electro-hydraulic system with piston position measured output, the above property is not met. In this paper, the output and its derivatives estimation were used to build a dynamic structure that satisfy the condition of strongly observable. A high order sliding mode observer (HOSMO) was used to estimate both the resulting unknown perturbation term and the output derivatives. Thereafter with one signal from the whole system (piton position), the piston position make tracking to desire one with a simple linear output feedback controller after canceling the perturbation term. The numerical simulation results showed excellent performance of the proposed output feedback controller in forcing the piston position to follow the desired reference position. Moreover, the control effort spent was minimal.